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About us:
Operating since 1995, RAMOT is an automotive company specializing in automotive parts and services.
Our mission is "... We respect your valuable time ..." It is for this reason we offer as many automotive parts and services as possible in one place.
Strategic Goals:
·         Providing our customers with a comprehensive selection of products and services, which can be customized to individual needs.
·         Continuous adaptation of our products and services offerings to meet customer expectations and evolving market conditions.
·         Continuously developing the skills and qualifications of our employees through effective training programs, providing them with comfort of work,  personal growth and career opportunities.

Operational Goals:  
• Offering customers products and services based on modern technologies and reinforced by a high level of security.
• Execution of tasks in a timely manner.
• Collaboration with reliable suppliers who are able to meet our current and future requirements regarding our quality standards and  time commitments.  
• Creating a positive image of the Company as a reliable and trustworthy business partner.
Every employee in the Company, regardless of the place of work and position, must know and understand the quality policy. This is essential in ensuring consistent quality of the Company’s products, which contribute to the achievement of the Company’s goals, commitments and compliance with its policy.

Only with this understanding of the quality policy will we win the trust of our customers, and each future delivery of our products or services will be a positive recommendation for C.M.RAMOT and a reinforcement for further fruitful cooperation.
Centrum Motoryzacji RAMOT
ul.Traugutta 85
41-218 Sosnowiec
tel:509 679 222

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